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Liza Del Sierra plays the role of a naughty flight attendant. She is wearing a blue hat, her hair is neatly fixed up and the make-up she has emphasizes her seductive eyes. Liza’s white blouse is open, we can see her bra that is purple and black in color. Her right hand is on hem of blue skirt, hiking it up to show her panties.

Liza Del Sierra stands up and opens her blouse. She also takes off her skirt and we can now see that she is wearing see through purple panties that match her bra. She has a look that is lustful and teasing on her face too.

Liza Del Sierra turns around and we have a nice view of her big ass. Her white blouse is now removed. She is holding the white blouse next to her ass. We can see that she has tan lines on her sexy body.

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Liza Del Sierra looks like a controversial blonde Hollywood celebrity in this photo. The orange top she was wearing has been removed and now her massive breasts are showing. Liza’s left hand is across her chest and her right arm is across her torso. We also noticed that there are tan lines on her boobs. She is still wearing blue denim shorts.

Liza Del Sierra turns her back on us, showing big sexy butt while still wearing her orange thong and shirt. Her hands are holding her shorts as if she is just giving a preview of her behind.

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Liza Del Sierra is looking like a school girl while she is sitting on concrete steps and reading a book. She is wearing a white shirt with a black cardigan on top and a denim mini skirt. She is sitting with her legs apart, so her plaid panties can be seen. She has a cute, almost innocent smile on her face this time.

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Liza Del Sierra looks ready for a girl’s night out. Her dark hair is curled; she is wearing long leaf earrings, animal print halter top and black mini skirt. Liza is smiling naughtily, ready for a good time. She is sitting on a black couch with her legs crossed.

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Liza or Lysa Del Sierra was born on August 30, 1985 as Emillie Delaunay. Her hometown is Pontoise, Valdoise, France. Liza Del Sierra has beautiful green eyes and brown is her natural hair color. Her height is 163 cm or 5’ 5” and she weighs 117 pounds. Her measurements are as follows: 40D (breasts), 26 inches (waist) and 36 inches (hips).

The gorgeous 28 year old Liza Del Sierra has been in working in the adult entertainment industry for quite some time. She began her career as a French erotic film actress in 2005 but only began appearing in American productions in 2010. Because of her great acting skills and naturally seductive looks, Liza has won the Best French Actress award in 2006 and the best European Actress Award in 2011, all for the adult film categories.